New Year India: Indian New Year 2020 Celebrations


Want to how Indians celebrate every new year? With over 132.42 crores of citizens, Indian have huge impacts on celebrations. People of different races, casts, and religions celebrate the new year together.

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New Year India: Indian New Year 2020 Celebrations

Indian is the only country where people follow both traditional and western culture. As per their religious concerns and calendars, People of different races celebrate the new year on different dates.

As per the Hindu calendar, New Year is known as Vikram Samvat or Hindu New Year in India. in 2020, it is beginning from 18th March (The 1st Day of Chaitra).

New Yea Indian Traditions

As per the Hindu Calendar, New year is celebrated on Chaitra mass and according to western calendars, it is celebrated on January 1st. People all around the world celebrate New Year on the 1ST day of every year. But here, Indians belonging to different states and cultures have their own prospective days. 

Youngsters celebrate the new year on 1st January. They chill out and booze with their friends. Many go to vocations. Goa is one of the foremost visited places. For new year parties. People all across the globe visit India to have a joy of GOA parties on new year night.

Happy New Year in India:

Indian new year celebrations own its own values. On this day people make a plethora of promises and stand on it. Many people stand on gymming. While the others sacrifice their habits like smoking etc.


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